How-To: Snow and Winter Photography 

Getting Maximum Detail and Proper Exposure & White Balance

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How-To: Snow and Winter Photography. Getting proper exposure and white balance​

In this part 1 of 2 video, I show you how to get white balance and exposure using a gray card, I'm using the Gary Fong lighsphere gray dome check it out here: 

Snow is tricky to photograph because it fools your on-board light meter and is also hard to get a good white balance even in automatic WB. Using the gray card, even if the white balance isn't dead on in camera, will help you in the editing stage and greatly speed up your processing and allow your photo's to look much, much better with more accurate color.

I will be shooting a few landscapes and then a portrait to cover the essentials of shooting in the bright white snow. I'll show you the value of using a gray card for white balance, setting your camera to underexpose slightly for the details in the snow and in the next video I will be showing you how to use your custom white balance photo in Adobe Lightroom to improve your photo's. 

Tip's before the video:
-Set your camera's metering to "Spot" mode (I show you how in the video if you don't know where to start)
-Set your camera to RAW mode,  (I show you how in the video if you don't know where to start)
-Put your camera in Manual Mode (M), none of these tips will benefit you if you have your camera set to Auto.
-If they are on, turn off Auto ISO, Auto White Balance and optionally Auto Focus. We will be taking a custom white balance photo for use in editing.

See the theme here? We are going to be shooting completely manual.

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