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Professional mastering is the difference between a "demo" and a "record". Typically, at a recording studio the engineers’ job is to record and mix to achieve the perfect balance to the artist’s preference. The mastering of a project is like the icing on a cake. Mastering takes the music to the next level by making it competitively loud for radio, ironing out problem areas and making sure it will sound it’s best everywhere. That means that if your listening with earbuds and an mp3 player, low quality computer speakers, in the car or on an expensive Hi-Fi system your music has to be able to compete with “big name” commercial releases. Great care is taken in every single stage of the mastering process to ensure the highest signal integrity - the result is a sonically superior master with consistent dynamics and equalization that is ready for duplication. Mastering is the final step in the creative chain, and the first step in manufacturing. Mastering is where everything has to be perfect. Your music depends on it.


No matter what your project needs, we can accomplish it to your specifications. This includes mastering of an existing recording that you may not be happy with, a recording that just needs the extra “oomph” to compete with the music you hear on the radio, or even old cassette tape/vinyl that needs to be transferred and optimized. The mastering process includes equalization, stereo widening, optional mastering reverb, multiband/single band compression, tonal balance correction (song to song), fades/cross fades, noise/hiss reduction, volume maximizing, and dithering to achieve radio friendly mixes.

For the audio to "translate" properly on all playback systems, J. Zaring listens individually to multiple speaker sets while mixing and mastering to ensure your master will sound good everywhere. Monitoring through large studio monitors, small PC speakers, a low quality small 2.1 system, accurate hi-fi headphones, cheap headphones, earbuds, etc.

The all inclusive pricing includes: 1 Master CD & Free Shipping (if out of area) & 1 CD with Conversion to mp3 (320k) format.

Pricing for mastering: $40/song


I have proven time and again to be mastering on the level of studios charging several times my rate.

All processes are done with the highest quality 64 bit processors in a 64 bit environment to ensure your music is getting the best that technology has to offer.


J. Zaring Photography & Music requires payment "up front" for mixing and mastering.



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