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Tripod Quick Release Timesaver Tip (Unify Your Connections)

What if you never had to unscrew that tripod clip/plate just to attach another one to a different tripod/monopod/stabilizer again? Well, this common annoyance led me to unify all my devices that hold my camera's in some way, shape or form. Not only that, but all my camera's have the same quick release that I can connect to anything without unscrewing anything at all. This is such a simple thing to do, yet I just now finally did it. If you are like me and are constantly switching between a tripod, monopod, steady etc. this video is for you.

Side note: Make sure the bottom has the 3/8" with the adapter insert for 1/4" so you can use either one. If it only has 1/4", it won't work on a 3/8" tripod. The first two links below both have them.

Here's a link to the QR Plate/Clamp that I used:

Here's a similar one:

Here's a list of commonly used plate/clip/clamp combinations at realistic prices:

Make sure the bottom has the 3/8" with the adapter insert for 1/4" so you can use either one. If it only has 1/4", it won't work on a 3/8" tripod.

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