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J. Zaring Music’ s existence is to provide excellent quality recording, mixing and mastering. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


Professional, quality sound combined with an experienced producer/engineer/musician. This is not one of those places where the engineer has a computer, speakers and no skill. You are provided with a real engineer with real skills (a track record to back it up) and the right gear. J. Zaring will take your music seriously and send you to the next level of your career. This is the place to record if you are serious about your music! For nearly two decades, in addition to my own studio, I've worked engineering and/or producing at Broken Records, Susquehanna Sound, Absolute Sound & SongCrafters. My work has been used on national TV. (Warner Brothers, Fox, PBS) and landed record contracts with Compton Records, OBH Records & Hollywood Records to name a few. I've worked on countless projects, but some of my recent favorites are in the player above. 
     While everyone else seems to be obsessing over towers of unnecessary gear or even inexpensive junk just to look cool, I'm proving my EARS and experience to be the greatest asset I could ever offer my clients, just listen to the music and decide for yourself.

Click for my recording gear and studio details



Half Day (5 hours) $250

Full Day (10 hours) $450

Recording, mixing and mastering are all done during the chosen time frame.

For Mastering only, CLICK HERE

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